Author Carl Gabriel's New Book 'The Adventures of J&N Detective Agency: Cases 2 and 3' Follows Jim Davis and Nancy Jones as They Work Together to Solve Crimes

Recent release 'The Adventures of J&N Detective Agency: Cases 2 and 3' from Newman Springs Publishing author Carl Gabriel is a riveting mystery novel that follows detectives Jim Davis and Nancy Jones as they investigate crimes together.

Carl Gabriel has completed his new book "The Adventures of J&N Detective Agency: Cases 2 and 3": a thrilling mystery novel about detectives Jim Davis and Nancy Jones. 

In "Case 2," Jim and Nancy use their skills to track down a teenager who was kidnapped while working at a pizza restaurant in Arizona. In "Case 3," the two detectives are investigating a murder at a fish farm in Mississippi when they encounter something much more sinister. 

Author Carl Gabriel begins his story, writing, "Davis viewed his property at Bates Farm for the first time in weeks. Nancy was by his side when he examined the work that had been done while he was in Montana."

He continues, "The outhouse was gone, and a new bathroom had been installed, along with a complete septic system. He was pleased and had already settled up with the installer. It was a new experience for Nancy, and she marveled at the size of the property. Actually, it was only a few acres that Davis had bought from the relatives of the former police chief of Black Creek. Davis had applied and got the job of police chief after the former chief was killed in what was ruled a mob hit. While Davis was in Montana, he and Nancy, his newest flame, were involved in the pursuit and arrest of a major figure in the town of Hopsin, Montana. The episode had made national headlines, and Davis and Nancy had decided to go into the private detective business. Since then, they had received several requests for their services. Right now, they were settling into their new diggings and would make a decision on what case they would pursue next."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Carl Gabriel's engaging tale takes readers through the unexpected twists and turns of these mysterious cases. 

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase "The Adventures of J&N Detective Agency: Cases 2 and 3" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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