Author Katherine M. Gionakis's New Book 'According to Me' is a Poignant Memoir That Takes Readers Through the Life of a Late-Discovery Adoptee

Recent release "According to Me" from Newman Springs Publishing author Katherine M. Gionakis is a raw and transparent memoir that allows readers to step inside the world of a woman who has been on a journey before she even knew it started, from the day she was born, July 7, 1968, in Florida.

Katherine M. Gionakis, who grew up on Long Island, has completed her new book "According to Me": a gripping and potent account told by a late-discovery adoptee, a woman who commonly refers to herself as all the stages of her life: an orphan, a foster child, an adoptee, a daughter, and a mother.

Author Katherine M. Gionakis introduces her work, writing, "This story is a part of me. I say 'part of me' because part of my life took on a second life of its own for many years. I finally found myself, standing behind this statue of me with all the right things I should be saying in speech bubbles above my head. I am glad that's no longer the person I am."

She continues, "I am now able to move more easily and to more clearly reflect on my different demons, starting with the abandonment issues resulting from relinquishment, foster care, and adoption, as well as being blindsided by news of my adoption as an adult (welcome, any other LDA friends). I refer to these as demons not because they haunt me. They don't. They are just a part of my psyche that I can almost visualize. They are triggers, and sometimes you have pictures in your brain of your triggers. My triggers include seeing photos of myself as a toddler, reminding me that before toddlerhood, I was a different child with a different name and different parents, twice in a year, three times in two years."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Katherine M. Gionakis's meaningful work invites readers to follow along the author's life story as her heart is broken by what she learns. This emotional and impactful work takes readers through her journey of adoption discovery, self-discovery, and finding biological answers to decades-old lies. 

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase "According to Me" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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