Author Kory E. Slane's New Book 'Legends of Azueris: Dragonborn' Follows a Journey Taken to Unite All the Peoples of Azueris Against a Looming, Dangerous Threat

Recent release "Legends of Azueris: Dragonborn" from Newman Springs Publishing author Kory E. Slane is a captivating fantasy novel that takes place in the continent of Azueris. As more attacks begin to amount across Azueris, the Elders of Bursch must take a powerful stance against them and try to unite all the peoples of Azueris against a common enemy.

Kory E. Slane has completed his new book "Legends of Azueris: Dragonborn": a gripping and potent fantasy novel that follows three humans, two gnomes, and a dwarf as they begin on a journey to unite all the countries of Azueris.

Author Kory E. Slane takes readers into the world of his novel, writing, "A brisk wind sweeps through the morning air as dewdrops glisten across the pasture. 'A beautiful morning akin to no other,' Lord Daise thinks aloud as he attends to his daily routine. Looking out over the fields, he can see the mighty Wall of Arkens standing tall in defense against the neighboring goblin lands. A small natural fissure exists between the northern edge of the wall and the Mountains of Dwe. His castle sits southeast of that fissure and is tasked to hold the border of the Kingdom of Bursch in case any goblins manage to push through."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kory E. Slane's fascinating tale also describes the merfolk empire, which leads the destruction of many of the land's coastal cities as they push for greater control of precious soil. There, an elven guard, a princess, and a thief seek to find balance and fight for their queendom. To prepare against their common threat, they must fight both reason and ideals in search of a means to save their kingdoms from destruction—only it seems they're too late before they can even manage to begin.

Readers who wish to experience this spellbinding work can purchase "Legends of Azueris: Dragonborn" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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