Author Levis 'Lee' Cormier's new book 'Fewer Words Were Never Spoken' is a proposed theory of creating a new supercontinent by reforming existing political powers

Recent release "Fewer Words Were Never Spoken" from Newman Springs Publishing author Levis "Lee" Cormier is a thought-provoking analysis of how North and South America could be combined and become the largest superpower in the world. With an immense population, booming industries, and improved transportation technologies, Cormier thoughtfully lays out how this could become possible.

Levis "Lee" Cormier, who worked as a specialist in manufacturing in the growing electronics industry, has completed his new book "Fewer Words Were Never Spoken": an eye-opening look at the ways in which the United States could elect a brand-new system of government to govern and combine with the rest of North America, along with Central and South America.

"This book is dedicated to every mom, dad, child, and all American people who choose peace, tranquility, full employment, better education, and a powerful military 'in case of need'," writes Cormier. "We will have to go back to the Constitution as a guide for our future to restart a new America involving a new government elected by 'we the people.' This new system will include a system of government without politics and a new continent including the following countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

"Part of the new continent will be the biggest agglomeration of manufacturing in the world, producing materials for America and the world, made in the Americas. In addition, we are going to start the next century by developing a much better system of transportation, a completely new system of supplying electricity underground for the continent, using water, which is infinite, and complete details about our planet's destruction.

"The total population for the new continent will be 971.43 million. It will be a real power in manufacturing, defense, buying power, and capitalism. The control, technical development, administration, and finance will be in the United States of America. For more details, keep reading the book to the last pages. There are more surprises for you."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Levis "Lee" Cormier's proposed ideas lay out exactly how the continents of North and South America could become the dominant power over the next decade as nations work together to achieve their goals of becoming the top manufacturer of technology. Readers with an open mind will find a new way of thinking and discover the incredible promise Cormier's proposed supercontinent could hold.

Readers who wish to experience this distinct work can purchase "Fewer Words Were Never Spoken" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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